Rotary Drilling Rigs - Design / Construction / Rebuild

foratron with its staff and their numerous years of experience are able to: design the rig, monitor the clients inquiry and subsequent contractual negotiations, purchase order acceptance by both parties, ordering of all required components and construction. The final phase being ultimately, the acceptance and handover of the drilling rig to the client. Furthermore, we accompany the client through every phase with advice and support.

The rigs manufactured by foratron can drill holes via all common drilling methods, such as:

  • Airlift Drilling
  • Core Drilling
  • Direct Mud Circulation Drilling
  • DTH Hammer Drilling
  • Reverse Mud Circulation with Airlifting Drilling
  • Rotary-Dry Drilling
  • Suction Drilling

The above mentioned drilling methods are used for the following:

  • Drinking Water Wells
  • Geological Exploration
  • Ground Water Control
  • Seismic Exploration
  • Water Irrigation Purpose

foratron rigs are built on a self-supporting frame, this allows the various rigs to be mounted on a variety of carrier vehicle types, e.g. on crawler or trailer. The power supply to drive all units, such as the rotary head and feed system is guaranteed by either the hydrostatic drive, an auxiliary drive (PTO) or from a deck engine (either a diesel or electrical unit).

As a young .company we have the advantage that we are not confined in a rigid corset of a large corporation, but can fully implement our flat management structure to the clients’ advantage. This allows for a greater flexibility and spontaneity which is coupled with excellent expertise in hydraulics, electrics, electronics and mechanics as well as our in-depth experience in all drilling methods.