New construction of drilling rigs

From years of experience you can only benefit us in new construction of a drilling rig. We offer the following options:

  • Design of drilling rigs (accompanied by the request, towards the offer, the order to the acceptance and handover)
  • Or complete redesign and manufacturing with us

We offer drilling rigs for the most diverse applications:

  • Drinking water supply
  • Irrigation
  • Groundwater lowering
  • Seismic surveys digestion / explorations
  • Inclined holes of any kind
  • Dud ammunitions search

The following drilling methods can be used with our drilling rigs:

  • Rotary drilling with direct mud circulation
  • Rotary drilling with reverse mud circulation by airlifting
  • Suction drilling
  • DTH Hammer drilling
  • Dry drilling with auger
  • Core drilling

You have an absolutely specific purpose or a job for which no drilling rig "off the shelf" fits?

Contact us!

We construct special systems for every possible way!

Shaft drilling rig F100S

The shaft drilling rig F100S can sink horizontal holes in a circular 6 meters shaft, wherein both the height of the drilling level on the lift table varies, as well as the circular arrangement in the shaft is infinitely variable over the turntable. Moreover, the mount above + 5 ° can / -10 ° tilt. The system is operated either via remote control or manually on the valve blocks.

The drill carriage is connected by a four-point bearing with the lifting platform. A spring-loaded brake fixes the carriage on the platform.