Reconstruction of drilling rigs

You have a drilling rig that works more bad than good, but a new purchase is not an option for you? Then talk to us necessarily!

The following disadvantages can offer long-serving plants:

  • The carrier truck will not make it through the TÜV or the SP-audit
  • It lacks a Euro standard required (you can no longer offer any place your holes)
  • The drilling rig consumes too much fuel (which competitors can offer more favorable)
  • Some steel assemblies are tired over the years
  • The hydraulic system simply creates no longer what it was once
  • The hydraulic hoses have exceeded their service life and are leaking or you are forced to replace them

We offer reconstructions in all areas. Whether reacting to a new or used vehicle carrier, overhaul and Refurbishment of some or all hydraulic components, construction of steel components or readjustment of the hydraulic. In consultation with you, we do professionally either a selection or all possibilities of overhaul.

Of course, we support you in choosing a new or used vehicle carrier. If you wish, we take care of all the details such as the proper take-off or the axle loads.

Please contact us and surprise yourself; this may be an alternative as inexpensive!