Drilling rigs are high-performance technical equipment, which must be ready for use around the clock. Malfunction or breakdown can afford no company. The service and repair team foratron is day and night for you. If “it burns”, and your system has a defect. Better yet, as a precaution in the maintenance, So that it does not happen:

  • Reliable maintenance and repair of your drilling rig
  • Flexible and fast repair service.
  • Inexpensive spare parts and service.
  • Inexpensive proposals for modifications
  • Design of drilling rigs (accompanied by the request, towards the offer, the order to the acceptance and handover)
  • Special Operations
  • Issuing of reliable expertises of your drilling rig and drilling equipment

As a young company we have the advantage that we are not concentrated in a rigid corset of a group, but may be used with "short ways" in all walks of life. This flexibility and spontaneity is coupled with excellent expertise in hydraulics, electrics, electronics and mechanics, as well as experience in all drilling methods.